Members: Dave Roberts (Guitar and Vocals), Stephen Moberly (Bass), Craig Voigt (Drums)

Time Period: 2012 -

Members: J Byrd Clarke (vocals), Greg Wise (drums), Adam Novak (bass), James Svec (guitar)
Time Period: 2006 - 2007

Members: Gary Ziroli (vocals), Charles Grant (bass), Vernon Guinn (guitar), Anthony Torres (guitar), Howard Swartz (drums), Joey Mishkofski (drums), Dave Warshaw (drums), Bill Shearin (drums), Mike Dugan (drums), Joey Rudacil (drums)
Time Period: 1985 - 1993

Members: Katrina Enztminger (vocals, keys), Levi Satcher (vocals, keys, guitar, trumpet), Mike Kohn (bass), John Finney (vocals, keys, sax, percussion), Andy Labarge (guitar), Roy "Chubb" Boykins (lead vocals, percussion), Scott Mclemore (drums)
Time Period: 1989 - 1992

Members: Steve Loschi (vocals), Grayson Sigler (keyboard), Mark Geoffroy (drums), Jimmy Nelson (guitar), Anoush Panbechi (guitar)
Time Period: 1988-1992

Members: Bill Gaunce (vocals), Billy Kello (guitar, vocals), Robin Miller (keyboards, guitar), Michael Mosgrove (guitar), Charlie Corletto (bass), David Hunter (drums)
Time Period: 1987 - 2000

Members: John Murray (vocals), Al  Moore (guitar), Frank Lindsey (keyboards and loop tapes), Paul Kingston (bass guitar), Chris Hite (drums)
Time Period: 1982 -

Current Members: J Byrd Clarke (vocals), Eric Thornton (guitar), Darbe Warner (bass), Eric Kaba (drums)
Past Members: Chris Korbet (bass, guitar), Barry Johnson (drums), Rusty Floyd (drums), Lee Reams (drums), Sergio Ponce (drums), Jaime McGuffey (drums)

Time Period: 1993 - 1997, 2006 -

Members: Patrick Walsh (vocals), Jeff Clites (guitar), Kirk Marchand (bass), Rusty Floyd (drums)
Time Period: 1982 - 1983

Members: Todd Owens (vocals), Eric Thornton (guitar), Billy England (guitar), Mike Rustad (bass), Jamie McGuffy (drums)
Time Period: 2001 -

Members: Mark Lawrence (guitar, vocals), Frank Springer (guitar, vocals), Jeff Bailey (bass, vocals), Larry Carr (drums)

Other Members: Rob Blumenthal (original bassist)
Time Period: 1986 - 1991

Members: Rusty Floyd (vocals), Chris Rumsey (vocals), Frank Lindsay (vocals), Nik Langrid (bass), Christian Simmons (drums), Rick Alley (guitar)
Time Period: 1980 - 1981

Members: Michael Bowen (guitar, bass, drums, vocals), Ron Spencer (guitar, vocals), Jim Glass (guitar, vocals, keyboards, clarinet, xylophone), Julie McDermott (keyboard, vocals), Frank Howard (drums), Bill Alphin (drums), Serge Ponce (drums), Scott Hedricks (bass, vocals), Rob Oswald (drums, vocals), Levi Satcher (trumpet)
Time Period: 1989 - 1996

Members: Mike Lesley (vocals), A.J. Long (vocals), Patrick Walsh (guitars), Kevin Anderson (bass), Pete Golway (guitar), Dave Mathaidas (bass), Chris Self (bass), Andy Brown (bass), John Finney (tenor sax), Barry Wade (drums), Joey Rudacil (drums), Mark Henry (drums)
Time Period: 1989 - 

Original Members: Matthew Odietus (guitar), Larry May (vocals), Willy Johns (bass), Greg Miller (drums)
Other Members: Sergio Ponce (drums), Brian Idle Diederich (bass), Andrew (bass), William Weber (bass), Barry Johnson (drums), Collyn Coates (drums), Suke (guitar), William Weber (guitar), Goose (bass), Serenyvas Kumar (bass), Darbe Apostle (bass), Johnny Yeagher (bass)
Time Period: 1993 - 2008

Members: David Webb (vocals, guitar), Robin Miller (lead guitar), Jeff Miller (vocals, keyboards), Bill Gaunce (bass, vocals), David Hunter (drums)
Time Period: 1983 - 1985; 1989 - 1990

Members: Brian Pafumi (vocals, guitar), Darryl X. Lewis (bass), John T. Corbett (drums)
Time Period: 1991 - 1997

Members: Sarah Owens (bass), Collette England (drums), Rachel Huffstetler (vocals, rhythm guitar), Holly Womack (lead guitar)

Time Period: 2011 - 2012

Members: Larry May (vocals), Tim Yates (bass, guitar, vocals), Micheal Poole (guitar, vocals), Joey Mishkofski (drums)
Time Period: 1995 - 

Members: Brian Diederich (guitars, vocals), Mark Waldrop (drums), Tom Galloway (bass)
Time Period: 1985 - 1986

Members: Teddy Dean (guitar), Chris Esterly (vocals, guitar), Jeff Brodnax (vocals), Eddie Whedbee (bass), Kevin White (drums)
Time Period: 1983 - 1988

Members: TR Morton (vocals, guitar), Matt Cave (lead guitar), Mark Cave (bass), Lenny Hines (drums)

Time Period: 2003 -