Members: Michael Bowen (guitar, bass, drums, vocals), Ron Spencer (guitar, vocals), Jim Glass (guitar, vocals, keyboards, clarinet, xylophone), Julie McDermott (keyboard, vocals), Frank Howard (drums), Bill Alphin (drums), Serge Ponce (drums), Scott Hedricks (bass, vocals), Rob Oswald (drums, vocals), Levi Satcher (trumpet)
Time Period: 1989 - 1996

Releases: Many
Current Info: Michael Bowen runs The Ottobar in Baltimore (www.theottobar.com), Jim Glass is in Impossible Hair (impossiblehair.com), Rob Oswald is in Karma to Burn, Ron Spencer is involved in the following projects: http://www.facebook.com/l/be051MJzboSyNs6JbyWVkm_1W2A;romkyzar.com, The Swingin Swamis, landspeedrecord, Alex Sniderman (Nu-sonics) tomblancarte.com, stoopstorytelling.com, morpius.com