The Candy Snatchers

Original Members: Matthew Odietus (guitar), Larry May (vocals), Willy Johns (bass), Greg Miller (drums)
Other Members: Sergio Ponce (drums), Brian Idle Diederich (bass), Andrew (bass), William Weber (bass), Barry Johnson (drums), Collyn Coates (drums), Suke (guitar), William Weber (guitar), Goose (bass), Serenyvas Kumar (bass), Darbe Apostle (bass), Johnny Yeagher (bass)

Time Period: 1993 -

Releases: "Gold Digger"/"Pain Stains"/"Motion" 7" EP (Sounds Like Shit Records), Several Dead Presidents Are Buried In Our Backyard: Richmond Music Cooperative Volume 2, "Pinto Pony"/ "Buzzsaw"/"My Sleaze" 7" EP (Sounds Like Shit Records), "Fuck My Family"/"Now Who's Cryin" 7" (Ultra Under Records), "Lil Lolita" on One Nation Underground (Monkeyland Records), Candy Snatchers/Gimcrack split 7" EP (Stiff Pole Records), "She Goes Down"/"Dirty Thang" 7"
(Bowling Donuts Records), "Why Ya That Way?" on R.A.F.R. (Flipside Records), Self-Titled LP (Safehouse Records), Candy Snatchers/Screaming Bloody Marys split 7" (Frisbee Records), Live on a Five 5"
(Headache Records), "Do Me a Favor and Die" /"Cock in My Pocket" 7" (Black Lung Records), "Bum Me Out"/"Lost and Found" 7" (American Punk Records), "Hooligan" on "Blasts From the Basement" 7" (Centsless Productions), "Sympathy Trip" on Half-assed, Will Travel LP (Perenium Records), "Treda Douche" on Smells Like Spring LP (Intensive Scare Records), "Fuck My Family" on Son of Slam Chops CD (Triple X Records), Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed CD (Go-Kart Records), "Dead and Alive"/ "Sounds Like Shit"/"We Never Learn" 7" EP (Centsless Productions), "Nice and Sleazy" on No More Heroes: A Tribute to the Stranglers CD (Elevator Records), "Shut Your Mouth"/"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" 7" (Junk Records), "30 Grams to Life"/"Fresh Rag" 7" (Safety Pin Records), "Bum"/"You Want What" 7" (Solamente Records), "Do You Wanna Know?" on Drunk on Rock Volume One CD (I-94 Recordings), "Moronic Pleasures"/"I'm So Cool" 7" (Black Lung Records), Candy Snatchers/Adam West split 7" (Fandango Records), Human Zoo LP (Go-Kart Records),
"Ugly On The Inside"/"Cocaine County"/"Party Girl" 7" EP (Get Hip Records), "Murder City Nights" on Flattery--A Tribute to Radio Birdman, Volume #1 (Nomad/Fandango Records), "Halloween" on Graveyard Drag Race double 7" (Reptilian Records), "Survival Of The Fittest"/"Suffragette City" 7" (Cold Front Records), Color Me Blood Red LP (Black Lung Records), Takin' A Ride EP (Cold Front Records), This is Rock N Roll CD split with Cheap Dates (Man's Ruin Records), Candy Snatchers/Nashville Pussy split 7" (Black Lung Records), "She Sure Can Blow" on "Mid-Atlantic Mayhem" 7" EP (Carbon 14 magazine #21), Ugly on the Outside CD (Roulettes Records), Down at Delilah's (Drug Front Records) 
Current Info: Larry is in Born Loose, The Crums and The Ringleaders, Sergio performs with Big Bobby & The Nightcaps