Seth Wilder
2013-11-13, 15:09
WOW WOW WOW!!! I’ve watched it twice since I picked it up from you yesterday! Great job, amazing story telling. Definitely felt very proud to be from here after watching! Thanks for making this!
-Seth Wilder (Producer and Editor at WTVZ)
Ron Spencer
2013-03-14, 14:14
If there was a way to create an encyclopedic account of a local music scene, from a rabid fan's perspective and make it rock, you have truly found it! The completist aspect of what you have done is staggering. A connection between Judicial Fear and Gwar? Who knew? Gene Vincent to Dex, the amazing Hyde-Outs, and of course the force of nature that was The Candy Snatchers all in one film. Awesome. Thank you for going to Sean Epstein for the Buttsteak rundown btw, he summarized us perfectly, which was my only worry about your film (how would Buttsteak fit in? I always felt we were outsiders.). You guys have done an incredible job, especially considering the length, breadth and depth of the task! It actually takes a few viewings to absorb it all.
p.s. Who knew Jeff Maisey was such a charismatic speaker? It was great to see Barry's crazy eyes again too.

-Ron Spencer, Multimedia Technician, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore MD (former member of Buttsteak)
Kim Baise
2013-01-08, 05:31
Yay!!!! Got your package yesterday evening and watched HCN for New Years!! WoW!! Fabulous Movie!!! So great to be a part of it. Thank you, Thank you!! Happy New Year to you and all our rockin' friends/family in Norfolk.

-Kim Baise
Jikits, Los Angeles, CA (former resident of Norfolk, VA)
Sharon Eaton
2013-01-07, 23:59
I can't tell you how much I loved it. It was much more of a movie than I was expecting frankly. All kudos seriously to you three. You really accomplished something special. I expected to love it but who knew it was going to be so professional?!

-Sharon Eaton
Bartender/server, Mayville, Wisconsin (former resident of Norfolk, VA)
Louie Carus
2013-01-07, 21:53
Just finished watching "Hardcore Norfolk" and I gotta tell ya, despite my interview winding up on the cutting room floor, it's one of the BEST rock docs I've ever seen! Bravo to you and your team for a job VERY well done.

-"Screwy" Louie Carus
Junk Records, Long Beach, CA
Jake Starr
2013-01-07, 21:50
Finally(!) watched the "Hardcore Norfolk" documentary last night... KILLER! Muchos kudos to Andrea Rizzo, Paul Unger, and Debra Cunningham Persons for making it! Now I've been listening to the Hydeouts all morning... and that's a good thing!

-Jake Starr
Fandango Records, Washington, D.C.
Joe Annaruma
2013-01-07, 21:34
Just watched both discs, great job! I watched the out-takes disc first, and I really enjoyed it, thinking that some of this stuff was worthy of being on the main disc. but then I watched the movie, and I thought that you guys got it right, editing-wise. Personally, i thought it was a little heavy on the Candy Snatchers, but that really wasn't my era, since I left in 85, so I understand how important they were to the scene after I left. All in All, this is an amazing testament to the awesome music and "friend" scene that is Tidewater. It was nice to learn how the scene continued to grow from 1988 til now. You guys did Norfolk proud!

-Joe Annaruma
The Godfather of the Norfolk Hardcore Scene, Philadelphia, PA