...little shit, you get nothing! ...little shit, you get nothing!

28 Days Until Halloween!

(Halloween Podcast should start right up, player below…some good songs in there)

Oct. 3, 2013: Hello you scary goblins …I'm not wearing pants right now, why? Because you scared them off! Hahaha! (Cont.)


Here we are, 28 days left till Halloween…the leaves are turning a different shade, best time of the year!

So I got creative and in touch with 'nature' last night, I couldn't find a sofa or a lawn chair, so I used my bed mattress, classy. I made myself a promise, if we can't get the song on 3 takes? skip it…this is the 3rd take. Blind Willie McTell anyone?


Youtube of this below:

Paul Unger

Paul is from Detroit originally and loves to help out whenever he can.  He has a bachelors in business admin. from University of Detroit Mercy, loves obscure live tracks from his favorite bands and digs happy people.  Paul loves being in Norfolk, VA and is happy to be part of the community.