Fuck it...let's. Fuck it...let's.

17 More Days Until Halloween Update (click here)

Oct. 13, 2013: Crap…17 more days until it's deemed 'ok' to dress up as a satanic clown and prance around Norfolk drunk as a skunk. It sucks not having money either. Nothing like a hole in my pocket and a thumb up the bum.

But! …there are things in this life that come for FREE! Leave it to Ocean View to give that too me. The Ocean View Art Show is going on today as well. Don't be a sock-job and go see some art, photography, and music. For the Facebook Event...click here

Lately, I've been searching for drummers…I'm so pathetic that I actually put up a 'real' craigslist posting in their musicians community. Wanna See? Go ahead…click here.

On a good note, the Hardcore Norfolk group page on Facebook is probably going to hit 2000 people soon. And believe me, that's a cool thing. I'll have to talk to Debra, the Hardcore Bitch, and brainstorm some ideas about this FB milestone coming up.

Finally, been thinking mon, …Norfolk really needs more of this below (yes, the youtube video…click it). I mean, just put out the amplifier and the PA on the street and just 'do it' Man …yeahhh, that's the way. Miss you Jay Reatard.

Later. -Unger


Paul Unger

Paul is from Detroit originally and loves to help out whenever he can.  He has a bachelors in business admin. from University of Detroit Mercy, loves obscure live tracks from his favorite bands and digs happy people.  Paul loves being in Norfolk, VA and is happy to be part of the community.