Rock the Autism! w/ Florentina Clarke!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Local Andrea Clarke is doing a fundraiser for Rock the Autism located out of Orange County - they bring music to kids with Autism for FREE!

That's right, Cogan's has agreed to let us bring live music back for this one special evening. Immediately following the VEER Music Awards at the Naro Cinema. Your Naro ticket or $5 at door, all door proceeds to benefit Hope House Foundation.

Silvertone!  A great guitar, a great amplifier.  But what is it about these Sears, Roebuck & Co.  instruments that make them not only so sought after, but just simply enjoyable to have and play?

 Dig it...15 songs to listen to as your head is pounding with the flu. 

Gotta love January and the cold!

What is it about the music scene in Norfolk, Virginia, that keeps it alive? Even though it’s located off the beaten path in a transient naval town, Norfolk and its surrounding cities have been a big player in the underground rock ‘n’ roll scene since the mid-50’s. This documentary uncovers the story of it’s “hardcore” music fans that won’t let it die—those that create fanzines, record labels and generally support the music—along with local musicians over time, including Gary U.S. Bonds, Gene Vincent, Front Line, The M-80’s, Buttsteak and The Candy Snatchers. Features never-seen-before-footage and local original music from a variety of genres.

By Jeff Maisey / Courtesy of Veer Magazine

“Hardcore Norfolk: The Movie” is being released on DVD as “Hardcore Norfolk: A Story of Rock ‘n’ Roll Survival” on December 21. The event is being celebrated with two silver screen showings of the film that night at Cinema Café in Virginia Beach (7 PM and 9:15 PM) as well as a concert December 22 at the Taphouse Ghent featuring Death Trip, The Bottle Babies, The Plurals and Crissy Babe & the Dastards.

By Unger

Call it Canadian "Zeppelin", call it music for 'dorks' …I will love this band till my last breath on this Earth. 

Thin Lads: Barry Bliss Speaks

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Debra Persons: I was very pleasantly surprised to find the following message from Barry Bliss in my email this week. Bliss, formerly known as Barry Copeland, was the extremely charismatic front man/vocalist for the '80's Norfolk band Thin Lads.

Sunday, December 30, 2012 at The NorVa

Written by Denise Lawrence Owen