As one of the last acts who performed at The Jewish Mother's encore venue on Laskin Road, Virginia Beach's The Daycations would serve themselves well by playing a final song in the shuttered club's barren parking lot.

Near the end of Main Street in "surprising" Suffolk, VA, there sits a statue of perhaps the most notable connection to the city: Mr. Peanut. The hospital located roughly a mile from me is named in part after Amedeo Obici -- the founder of Planters Peanuts. I've lived in this somewhat sleepy town for over ten years.


Shortly before the storm's touchdown, this red-letter, rhetorical announcement was delivered in the firm tone of The Weather Channel's voiceover by yours truly on the deck of The Taphouse Grill on June 15, 2013.

Hey All…well, here is another super-duper local concert from the past that we dug out of the archives.

Right now, the biggest sensation in music has little to do with a stinging guitar riff or pounding drum beat. Pharrell Williams' oversized hat has been the star of the two most self-congratulatory gatherings in entertainment.

The Police were on their 4th tour in America, but this was their first time in Virginia.  That night, the Tidewater radio station K94 did indeed broadcast this new band's performance on FM radio. Recently this FM broadcast recording surfaced after 34 years.  Below is the player of the full show.  

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