All Kidding Aside! w/Bryan Lewis! Ep. 21, Live with Lindsey Wright (Part 1)

In this episode...Bryan and honorary co-host Lindsey Wright broadcast live from The Public House and talk about a few different topics ranging from Mental Illness, 2016, Politics, Feminism etc.

I had a blast recording it and I really hope you all listen and enjoy. Thank you so much for the support. I love you all.

Episode in player below, should start right up!

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Bryan Lewis

I’m a 30-something nihilist who has been a part of the local music scene since 1999. I ran my own studio for many years and have been in several bands, most famously ‘The Gloom!’, ‘Humanoids from the Deep’ and currently Kant Avec. I started doing standup comedy in 2014. You can usually find me in the back bar of Public House in Ghent or at a local show. I started hosting a now infamous local radio show in April 2016, which is the genesis of my podcast ‘All Kidding Aside with Bryan Lewis’.