FRONTLINE FRONTLINE Pic by Irish Willis Peele ©

Norfolk, VA (1980-83): Through the Lens of Willi Peele and John Murden

I really don’t remember the 80’s – it’s all a blur.  

The opening of that decade is lost to a dark vortex of questionable judgment & various recreational substances (according to my mother). In America’s urban East, underground pop-culture was about to explode in a way and on a level no one expected. The underground music scene between here and DCA proved to be a big part of that maelstrom. In 1980 it started with about a dozen people locally – sporting thrift store wardrobes, drinking generic beer, listening to incredibly loud/distorted music, randomly spouting the “F” word to excess and never making eye-contact (doing so would imply a willingness to speak).

On a cognitive level, only pangs of that scene remain – Fortunately I kept a Canon AE-1 on hand at all times. Here are a few photos which survive, all shot locally w/ fun people @ fun clubs, FM99 alt-music queen Carol Taylor & a series of previously unreleased publicity shots of seminal ORF punk band FRONT LINE. Hell yeah.

-Irish Willi Peele

Photos below by Willi Peele and John Murden ©

Music: Lydia Lunch, FRONT LINE

FRONT LINE: The American Way (Demos 1982)