Hindu Pez, The Cemetery Boys, Severed Skies, and Acityasleep

From the original Facebook Event:


Having lurked in the shadows of your favorite creep spots since 2004, HINDU PEZ has brought sonic destruction, head-banging electronic beats and punishing samples to twist your mind in all directions. Come see a show that your friends already know about.


Opening the gig are local legends who have mass appeal on all fronts, from rock-n-roll to electronica to dark orgies in graveyards at night : the one and only Cemetery Boys.


Sliding and sliming into the mix with satanic underground spaceship sounds mixed by a 90's demon with a penchant for moody synths and getting down in the cemetery is the one and only ACITYASLEEP.


With the strength of 1,000,000 hammers in the form of kick drums and synths that caress your darkest fears is newcomer Severed Skies. These beats are for you.


Stitching and weaving the aural goodness between acts is a 20 year veteran of the gothic industrial scene : the one and only Dj Figurehead.