Deathhouse Blues, Turncoat Syndicate, Friends of Pedro, and Invaluable

From the original Facebook Event:

DHB - known for their fuzz-ridden guitar riffs, thundering rhythm section and intense, chill-giving female vocals, hits Norfolk Taphouse!

Joining the fun are new friends Turncoat Syndicate. A powerhouse rock-n-roll band that showcases incredible songwriting, beautiful bluesy lead guitar, wonderful vocal harmonies and rump-shaking rhythms, Turncoat Syndicate's new record drops this year!

Bringing a ruckus-filled fuzz-tone riot are righteous rockers FRIENDS OF PEDRO. Prepare your ears for a destructive treat.

Coming through from VB are punk rock masters INVALUABLE - if you haven't seen their unique blend of punk styles, get ready to get DOWN!

***Set Times***

Invaluable - 9p - 9:45
Friends Of Pedro - 10p - 10:45
Turncoat Syndicate - 11p - 11:45
Deathhouse Blues - 12 - 1a