My Evening with Corey and The Angels at the NorVa

If an eccentric pop act with a walk down memory lane (the walk being mostly about Corey's movie career and his friends like MJ and Corey Haim, with original songs as well) is your thing- Go 4 It.

Pop isn't my thing overall- but I just had to see this for myself as I've been slightly obsessed with him and his Angels since I heard about them a few years ago. Corey clearly loves his fans, even the ones who were there to "see a train wreck," which didn't happen as far as I know. And he does give his all, including a tooth, from what I understand, a few shows back (he smacked himself with the microphone).

Over the course of the night, I thought, maybe he's a super genius who did those crazy morning shows to get people's curiosity up so when the time came, they would go check them out on tour and he wouldn't give them the train wreck they were expecting. Hard to say, but if so, the joke is on us. And The Angels can play, by the way, especially the guitarist and the drummer. They absolutely killed it during their individual Angel showcase, which was when Corey was off making a costume change.

Also worth mentioning, there was a super eccentric Angel who opened the show (after a local band - Starcoast). When she was done, I said that she was "kind of like Jewel possessed." A fellow concert goer who was standing in front of me agreed. And it wasn't a bad thing, just super out there. She was also dressed like a possible chorus member from the musical Godspell, also, not a bad thing. She could play too, and definitely had a set of pipes.

Quick story, from what I could hear (don't hold me to all of this, there was a lot of chatter going on)- She said she met Corey when she was living in a garage with a pet rooster (I think I heard that right?), and was about to give up and leave the city. But then they met, she's now an Angel, and I guess the rest is history. Other than performing, I also noticed her doing a ton of stuff including, getting the drinks, taping down set lists, tuning instruments, checking the projector, as well as being their costume designer (she said). I'm sure it beats living in a garage with a rooster for a roommate.

It was totally worth being super tired today.

-Beth Austin

Video Below! 

Beth Austin

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