Hindu Pez, Opt-Out, Karacell, and DJ Trav1sty

From the original Facebook Event:

HINDU PEZ : Having lurked in the shadows of your favorite creep spots since 2004, HINDU PEZ has brought sonic destruction, head-banging electronic beats and punishing samples to twist your mind in all directions. Come see a show that your friends already know about.


Sometimes, the ugliest things are born in the filth and the grime of the dark. [0PT-0UT] is no exception. Having cut their teeth on the underground tour circuit the last 2 years in support of their self-titled debut EP with Red This Ever and Gutter Gloss, [0PT-0UT] is currently working on their full length LP.

Combining sounds reminiscent of early 90's Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Bile, Chemlab and Cop Shoot Cop, [0PT-0UT] brings walls of heavy guitars, noise, giant layers of samples, impressive synths, drum-machine programming, and screaming.

The live performance is another monster of its own : there is disturbing projected video, theatrical makeup, blacklights and an in-your-face, go-f-yourself attitude that crush the boring four-on-the-floor oontz bands that have come to dominate the genre the last several years.

This isn't some dull, rehashed garbage you heard in the club between another VNV Nation remix or some psuedo-tough Combichrist track, reusing outdated film samples : this is [0PT-0UT]. What you hear will hurt you.


One woman army KARACELL brings her hip-shaking beats couple with psychedelic visuals and haunting vocals to Pourhouse - if you haven't seen this show, you're missing out on something 100% unique.


Before and between all the action, hear Dj Trav1sty spin your favorite dancefloor bombshells from the sinister industrial world.